Advance Directives

Health Care Proxy. MOLST. Living Will.

Know your choices. Share your wishes.

In New York State there are currently three types of Advance Directives:

    • A Health Care Proxy form should be completed by all adults (18 and older). This document allows a person to name a health care agent and an alternate agent that can speak for them in the event they cannot speak for themselves.
    • The Living Will expands on the Health Care Proxy and provides further details about the person’s wishes regarding life-sustaining measures in the event that he or she becomes incapacitated.
    • The Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatments (MOLST) form is recommended for patients with serious health conditions. The form is especially relevant for persons who wish to avoid or receive specific life-sustaining treatments, who reside in long- term care facilities, or who have a life expectancy of one year of less. It allows the patient to state their wishes regarding CPR and other treatments such as mechanical ventilation and artificial nutrition. MOLST is a medical order, printed on bright pink paper, that travels with the person and is valid across all care settings. MOLST orders apply immediately on completion, not just when the person loses decision-making capacity.

For further information about MOLST and advance care planning, please visit: and

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