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Let’s face it, changing your eating habits is tough. And we live in an environment that’s filled with temptations!

When it comes to eating right, knowledge is definitely power. And prevention is key. With solid planning and a program that keeps you prepared, it’ll be easier not to fall for food traps or succumb to triggers. Our program will keep you full with healthy foods that keep you progressing toward your goals. We will also help you replace old patterns with new, healthier habits as you retrain yourself to respond differently to triggers and beat them.

It takes a serious commitment to change your relationship with food. And we’re seriously committed to helping you do it.

Try a #1 Ranked Program

You can start losing weight with HMR, consistently ranked a #1 Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet by U.S. News & World Report. Wondering why the program works so well?

It’s All About Control

How you feel about how your weight loss is going matters a lot! If you’re on a roll, you’re more motivated to keep losing. Here’s how HMR simplifies the task of losing weight, and helps you feel like you’re more in control:


When you don’t have to make a lot of food decisions, it can be easier to stay on track. Skipping that internal debate about what or how much you should eat can have you feeling more in control. More control can lead to more weight loss.


HMR foods are low in calories but high in volume. The same goes for fruits and vegetables. By eating more of these foods (as many as you need), you can always feel full. And if you’re full, you may be less likely to eat foods not on your plan, which allows you to lose more weight.


HMR’s simple plan using only HMR foods with or without fruits and vegetables (depending on the plan you choose) makes it easier to stick to the structure of the diet. More importantly, it makes it easier to develop a pattern of sticking to the structure, which has you feeling more in control.

Talk to us about how Cayuga Center for Healthy Living can help you gain the control you’re looking for.

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