Classes and Support

Ongoing Classes

Please contact CCHL for information on dates, times, fees, and registration (607) 252-3590.

Note: fees for some classes may be covered by insurance.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and taught by a Certified Diabetes Educator together with other professional staff. Topics cover an overview of diabetes, complications, exercise, self-monitoring, medications, and nutrition.

Series of three 2-hour sessions meets each month. Call for upcoming dates and times.

Exercise Transition Program

Exercise Transition Program is for you if you want to start being active or have difficulty due to pain, atrial fibrillation, or other medical problems. Participants use cardiovascular equipment, hand-held weights, functional activities, and stretching. Classes are led by exercise physiologists from Island Health & Fitness. Medical clearance is needed.

Meets throughout the week.

HMR® Meal Replacement Program

Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (CCHL) now offers a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors your progress towards better health and well-being. Our weight loss program works because it offers a different path than traditional weight loss programs by combining medical supervision, meal replacement with nutrition counseling, accountability, education and support, and lifestyle changes. CCHL and HMR® help you achieve lasting weight loss.

Thursday 10am-11am.

Tobacco Cessation

  • Need help giving up tobacco?
  • Feel like you have tried everything and still haven’t been able to quit?
  • Looking for someone to talk to about it?

The tobacco cessation program at CCHL can help!

Tobacco use is a chronic health condition that often requires repeated attempts to quit. It’s a journey that takes time and patience. Research shows that support is important.

Our program offers continued support and encouragement to facilitate and maintain a tobacco-free life.

At the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living, we offer you options for quitting tobacco:

Individual quit plan: with a referral from your primary care physician you can see a nurse practitioner and tobacco cessation specialist to help you develop an individualized plan to work on cessation.

Stay on the Right Track with the Tobacco Cessation Support Group: This FREE monthly support is for 1) individuals who are thinking about quitting; and 2) anyone working on maintaining a quit. The group helps with relapse prevention and provides you with continuous support.

While tobacco cessation is typically not covered by insurance, it is best to check with your health plan regarding coverage of your visit.

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