Cayuga Center for Healthy Living

What We Do

The Cayuga Center for Healthy Living is an innovative, personalized, medically-based program focused on productive lifestyle changes that enhance your ability to live a full and active life.

If you want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Become more active
  • Get help managing a chronic condition, such as heart disease
  • Live more healthfully with diabetes
  • Learn to manage the stress in your life
  • Quit tobacco

At the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (CCHL) we understand that problems with diet, lack of exercise, excess weight and tobacco use are key factors in the development of many serious health problems. More Americans than ever are turning to disease prevention and wellness promotion through lifestyle change as the best possible investment in their health.

We can help you reach your goal!

We Offer

Individual and group counseling sessions with our medical team

  • Classes to help you develop healthier life habits
  • Follow-up clinic visits to help you stay on track
  • Referrals when appropriate
  • Co-management, with your physician, of chronic illness.

How You Benefit

1) You benefit from change!
Certain lifestyle changes are very difficult to make on your own. We provide education, guidance, and support throughout your program to help you achieve measurable results.

2) We appreciate your uniqueness!
Unlike programs that target only one aspect of lifestyle, we look at your unique situation and combination of risk factors and habits to help you be successful in meeting your own health challenges.

3) We collaborate!
We’re very excited to partner with Cayuga Medical Center, Island Health & Fitness, Rasa Spa, and Cayuga Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance, because a collaborative approach to wellness works best. We are housed together in the beautiful Island Health Center, which makes us effective and ready resources in the service of your health.

4) We’re right here where you live!
Programs such as CCHL are usually only found in major metropolitan areas and large teaching hospitals. Through our relationship with Cayuga Medical Center, we can bring these services to you right here in Tompkins County.

What to Expect

You can expect to meet a group of people who are passionate in their commitment to help you. You can expect programs that work. People who have come to CCHL are making changes for the better in their lives as they progress to a new level of wellness. You can, too.

  1. You will begin with a health assessment with a medical provider who will listen to your history and learn about your concerns.
  2. You may be asked to provide us with medical records so that we can work in conjunction with your primary care physician.
  3. Together, you and your nurse practitioner will develop a plan of care, with referrals to CCHL classes services that will help you make the lifestyle changes you seek.

While most participants are referred by a medical professional, we also accept self-referrals. Ask your doctor about the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living to see if it’s right for you. Or call us at (607) 252-3590 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Our Collaborative Partners

One of the keys to our success in helping people achieve lifestyle change is the direct connection we offer to our collaborative partners, located in the Island Health Center. By working together, we offer a holistic approach to wellness and a powerful base of support for you. Click on photos below for more information.

Dr. John Mecenas and Paul Rossi Discuss Bariatric Surgery with The Cortland Voice

Dr. John Mecenas and Paul Rossi Discuss Bariatric Surgery with The Cortland Voice.

Striking the Right Chord

Franklin Henry Jr. is not the type of person who likes to ask for help. Yet when his world was reduced to the space between his bed and his chair—and even that small distance made him struggle to catch his breath— he realized he could no longer handle his health problems on his own.

Dr. John Mecenas and Paul Rossi Discuss Bariatric Surgery with The Cortland Voice

Dr. John Mecenas and Paul Rossi Discuss Bariatric Surgery with The Cortland Voice.

A Healthy Collaboration

The Cayuga Wellness Center was the product of a collaboration between Cayuga Medical Center and a pair of local developers, Tim and Terry Ciaschi. Hospital administrators were already exploring ways to improve the overall health and well-being of community residents when the Ciaschis approached Cayuga Medical Center with their concept of creating a medically based […]

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