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Award Winning Cancer Care

Each battle against cancer is fought on many fronts, both medical and spiritual. At Cayuga Medical Center, we meet the needs of cancer patients and their families with an interdisciplinary team of professionals who deliver services from diagnosis through treatment, to discharge and follow-up at home. Our treatment facilities and technology provide the optimal environment for cancer patients and their treatment team to work together toward the common goal of healing.

Our cancer specialists treat cancers of the breast, lung, digestive tract, colon and rectum, skin, prostate, genitals and urinary tract, pancreas, head and neck, bone, muscle, lymph nodes (lymphoma), and blood (leukemia).

The Cancer Committee at Cayuga Medical Center is multidisciplinary. It includes administration, partner organizations and a community representative. Its members are responsible for planning and initiating all cancer-care activities at the medical center, and for ensuring that all program components are functioning in accordance with the highest standards of practice. Membership includes specialists in surgery, radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, quality assessment, social work, hospice, oncology nursing, and cancer data and analysis.

Commission on Cancer

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Commission on Cancer is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients through setting standards, cancer prevention, research, education, and the monitoring of comprehensive quality care. Care at a hospital with approval by the Commission on Cancer gives patients and their families peace of mind.

Cayuga Cancer Center has maintained continuous approval status from the Commission on Cancer since 1985. In 2018 we received our third consecutive Outstanding Achievement Award. This award acknowledges cancer programs that achieve excellence in providing the highest quality of care to cancer patients. This is important to local cancer patients because it recognizes a level of care that exceeds established baseline standards of care and places Cayuga Medical Center among benchmark hospitals.
Our certified cancer care program includes:

  • State-of-the-art technology, modern facilities, and experienced medical specialists to diagnose and treat cancer, using the latest, most effective therapies
  • A multidisciplinary, team approach to coordinate the best treatment options for your specific cancer
  • Access to cancer-related information and education
  • Psychosocial support and palliative care services to manage symptoms
  • A cancer registry for the collection of data on types and stages of cancer and treatment results, with patient follow-up
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of cancer care
  • Information about new treatment options and clinical trials
  • Education and support for cancer survivors
  • Community cancer screening, prevention education, and technology for early detection.

For more information on the Commission on Cancer, click here.

Cancer Conference

At Cayuga Cancer Center, the Cancer Conference meets weekly. During these meetings, current cases are presented with a multidisciplinary discussion involving the cancer teams at Cayuga Medical Center. This ongoing patient-oriented conference provides the best possible medical consultation for patient care, an educational opportunity for caregivers, and follow-up on previously presented cases.

Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry is a highly confidential national system required by New York State for monitoring all cancer patients diagnosed or treated at Cayuga Medical Center. With the registry data bank, our cancer care specialists can follow patients and analyze the long-term results of treatment. Moreover, by sharing information on a national basis, we can help advance clinical and health services research, assess the efficacy of screening and prevention, and determine cancer patterns in various populations.

Cancer Annual Report

Cayuga Cancer Center has seen significant enhancements in the diagnoses, treatment, clinical care, and support for their patients in 2019.

Read the 2019 Cancer Annual Report

Read the 2018 Cancer Annual Report

Read the 2016 Cancer Annual Report

Read the 2015 Cancer Annual Report

Skin Screening – 2017

Infusion Clinic Walkthrough

Care and support eased her cancer journey

When Kristin Sad noticed a lump in her right breast in June 2017, she was not surprised that the diagnosis would be cancer. Her maternal aunts had gotten the same diagnosis when they reached their 60s, the same age when Kristin noticed her lump. Within a few days, a mammogram imaged the lump and a […]

Having a friend during treatments

It’s like coming home. Trumansburg native Richard ‘Dick’ Austic has lived with cancer since 1996 when he received his first of what would become four diagnoses of cancer during the next 20 years. Richard was an animal science professor with an emphasis on poultry nutrition at Cornell University until he retired about 10 years ago. […]

Too young and healthy for this

Beth Brunelle had just marked her 35th birthday in 2008 when she got her double diagnosis for both uterine and ovarian cancer.

Did you get to hear the latest Healthy Rounds podcast with Hannah Potts, NP and Dr. LLoyd Darlow? They spoke about the HPV vaccine and how important it is for cancer prevention. Click below to listen: Healthy Rounds — Hannah Potts

Cayuga Health Introduces Transformative Radiation Machine

Medical linear accelerator (LINAC) is used to deliver pin-point external beam radiation to cancer cells 

Listen: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Diana Hewitt, Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator, discusses the importance of getting regular mammograms on WHCU.

About Cayuga Medical Center

We are a not-for-profit, acute-care medical center bringing state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services to the residents of Tompkins, Cortland, Seneca, and Tioga counties. And a century after our founding, we remain intrinsically tied to those we serve: our corporate membership includes representatives from over 100 community organizations. At Cayuga Medical Center, we believe that hospitals are shaped by the people they serve


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