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Each 16-hour course is $400. Registration deadline is 2 weeks before each course. If you are having difficulty registering, or want to sign up after the deadline, please contact Brian Lee at

Special Offers
Sign-up for any 2 16-hour courses in 2018: $680
Sign-up for any 3 16-hour courses in 2018: $960

There are a few additional levels of discounts that we offer…
  1. If there is > 1 employee from the same clinic attending a single course, you will each receive 25% off the course registration fees.
  2. Ithaca College Clinical Instructors, who get 25% off the course registration fees.
  3. Ithaca College Faculty, Schuyler Hospital PTs, and PT students who want to take the courses will all receive 50% off the course registration fees.
If you fit into one of these categories that qualify for a discount, please contact Brian Lee at to make him aware of your situation prior to submitting your registration. Once he confirms your status, you will receive the discount code directly from him.

All live courses will be held at Cayuga Medical Center's Physical Therapy Department at Cayuga Wellness Center, 310 Taughannock Blvd., Ithaca, New York 14850. Courses are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified.

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2018 Courses

Foundations of Orthopedic
Physical Therapy Clinical Practice:
Clinical Reasoning, Differential

Diagnosis, and Manual Therapy

January 13-14

(16 hours - $400)

Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Screening

January 27-28

(16 hours - $400)

Management of Lumbo-Pelvic Conditions

February 10-11

(16 hours - $400)

Management of Head, Neck, and Upper Thoracic Conditions

March 10-11

(16 hours - $400)

Application of Pain Sciences
April 7-8

(16 hours - $400)

Thrust Manipulation of the Spine and Extremities

PTs and PT students only
April 28-29

(16 hours - $400)

Management of Shoulder Girdle Conditions
June 16-17

(16 hours - $400)

Management of Elbow, Wrist, and
Hand Conditions
July 14-15

(16 hours - $400)

Strength and Conditioning
August 4-5

(16 hours - $400)

Advanced Management of Spine
Conditions: Upper Quarter

PTs and PT students only
August 11-12

(16 hours - $400)

Management of Hip and Knee Conditions

September 22-23

(16 hours - $400)

Advanced Management of Spine
Conditions: Lower Quarter

PTs and PT students only
September 29-30

(16 hours - $400)

Management of Foot and Ankle Conditions
October 13-14

(16 hours - $400)

Advanced Application of Pain Sciences
November 3-4

(16 hours - $400)

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