CWC Community Lecture Series: Falls Prevention

1/16/19 – A Mindful Eating Approach: Slow Down, Be Present, and Gain Control Over Your Eating Habits presented by Krista Galie

2/20/19 – Have More, Not Less: Plant-based Approach to Healthy Eating presented by Donna Sandidge, MD

3/20/19 – Healthy Bones for a Lifetime: Understanding Osteoporosis and Bone Health presented by Monika Radloff, MD and Claire Agrawal, PT

4/17/19 – Thinking clearly: Current Evidence on Concussion Management presented by Rob Kaplan, PT and Fnu Seemant, MD

5/15/19 – Breath to win: Shortness of Breath with Exercise presented by Andrew Getzin, MD and Kari Hall , PT

6/19/19 – Aging Gracefully with Occupational Therapy and Exercise presented by Eleanor Liebson, OT

9/18/19 – Falls Prevention presented by Anne Reilley, PT

10/16/19 – Herbs, Nutrition, and Acupuncture for Winter Wellness presented by Sarah Costonis, L. Ac.

310 Taughannock Blvd, Ithaca, NY 14850

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