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“ I’m too young to have a heart attack.”

At 6 a.m. on a Friday morning in late May, Merle Bedient reported to work in the housekeeping department at Schuyler Hospital. Two hours into his shift, as he was sweeping and wiping down the emergency room, sharp pains started darting across his upper chest.

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Gone Fishin’

It’s only March, but Kenneth Theetge, age seventy-five, is looking forward to early May, when he, his grandson, and his next-door neighbor will go fishing for muskies in Waneta Lake.

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The Right Place at the Right Time

Ed Hartz, eighty-two, is a very familiar face around town. He lived in Ithaca for many years while his children were growing up, and although he has moved south to warmer climes, he and his wife, Judy, return every summer to a cottage on the lake, south of Aurora. While his summers are typically busy with family events, golf, and other outdoor activities, the summer of 2013 held other things in store.

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