Listen: Dr. Getzin discusses shortness of breath with exercise

Getting to the Cause of Shortness of Breath

by Andrew Getzin, MD

Shortness of breath with exercise is a common but perplexing problem for both patients and doctors. Apparently fit athletes often struggle trying to figure out why they have problems with exercise that would seem to be well within their capabilities. There are a number of possible causes for shortness of breath, which makes this a very challenging diagnosis. Doctors don’t always get it right.

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Functional Training for Fitness and Sports Preparation

By Andrew Getzin, MD

Many athletes now specialize on a single sport at an early age. The days of unstructured play at the schoolyard is being replaced with an increased number of competitions year-round. Unfortunately, young athletes are often not physically prepared for this increase in volume and specialization. By concentrating on a single sport, athletes often develop the sport-specific skills they need but do not develop the required functional strength and fitness to excel and remain injury free.

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Avoiding Running Injuries

By Andrew Getzin, MD

When warm weather approaches, runners take to the streets and local outdoor tracks. Running provides people with many health benefits, camaraderie, and a temporary escape from their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately approximately 45 to 70 percent of runners are injured each year. I am frequently asked questions about running injuries by my patients and running partners.

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Sports-Related Injuries in Children

By Andrew Getzin, MD

Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in the amount of sports training in which young children participate. They are playing quantities that approach those of older athletes. In addition, many children are specializing in one sport on year-round traveling teams. As a result, children are developing more injuries and at an earlier age.

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