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Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology

Diagnostic and interventional cardiology refers to procedures that diagnose and treat coronary artery disease (including acute heart attack), certain heart valve problems, and congenital heart disease. These procedures are performed in the Cardiac Catheterization Suite and are minimally invasive because they rely on the use of catheters and tiny incisions rather than large incisions.
  • Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization is an interventional procedure that enables your doctor to examine the inside of your heart to diagnose a variety of potential heart problems. Your doctor may recommend this procedure if you are suffering from symptoms of coronary artery disease, such as chest pain or shortness of breath, or if other diagnostic tests such as an EKG or stress test indicate possible heart problems. For more information about diagnostic cardiac catheterization, click here.
  • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) is a procedure that uses balloon angioplasty and stents to open clogged coronary arteries on an emergency basis during a heart attack. PCI is also used electively in treating patients with chest pain due to coronary artery blockages. Balloon angioplasty initially opens the blockage and a tiny metal stent is then put in place to hold the blockage open while the artery heals.

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