Women’s Health

Compassionate, Holistic, Evidenced-based Women’s Health Care

Women seek healthcare for many different reasons during their lifespan. Our integrated, multidisciplinary team strives to provide compassionate, holistic, evidenced-based care within an environment of trust and respect. We are committed to supporting women not only during illness but also to empower women to optimize their health throughout their lives.


We offer comprehensive women’s gynecological care including preventive services, contraceptive care, gynecological surgery, and treatment for issues related to the female reproductive system– from childhood through menopause and beyond.

Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine supports women with such sexual health concerns as low desire, difficulty with orgasm, and pelvic pain, with the goal of optimizing their sexual health. We take women’s sexual concerns seriously and believe that women deserve to be heard and treated with respect. We provide a comprehensive assessment to inform accurate, timely diagnoses and effective, evidenced-based treatment options for women with a wide range of sexual concerns.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare that focuses on examining core imbalances that underlie a disease and illness. Rather than just treating symptoms, it uses a systems-oriented approach that engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. This approach recognizes that each person’s path to disease or health is unique. We try to understand individual factors in order to modify them and shifty the momentum from disease to health.

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