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The Department of Imaging Services at Cayuga Medical Center has a reputation for remaining at the forefront of this critically important field of diagnostic medicine. We are technologically equal to the country’s premier medical centers and our physicians and radiological technologists are certified in a number of subspecialty areas.

State-of-the-Art Digital Imaging Technology

Cayuga Medical Center was one of the first hospitals in the region to adopt the computerized picture archiving communication system (PACS). This leading-edge system captures digital images and maintains them electronically, eliminating the need to print and store film. Using PACS, our radiologists can easily make a direct comparison of current imaging studies to previous studies

With connectivity to our PACS through a secure network, the physicians on our medical staff can review their patients’ imaging studies and radiologists’ reports from the convenience of their own offices.

PACS also facilitates physician consultations and patient referrals to tertiary care centers. Our ability to electronically import previous imaging studies from outside institutions for comparison with current imaging studies performed at Cayuga Medical Center provides a very high level of integrated care.

Experienced, Credentialed Professionals

Six board certified radiologists staff Imaging Services, including subspecialists in areas such as neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, interventional radiology, body imaging, and musculoskeletal radiology. They are assisted by an experienced group of registered technologists, most of whom have additional certifications in specialty areas, such as mammography, nuclear medicine, MRI, CT, ultrasound, and vascular imaging.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

The team of care providers in Imaging Services is deeply committed to excellent customer service – for each patient and for the physicians who care for them.

  • Our staff members understand that patients can be anxious and we do everything we can to make your visit here as stress free as possible.
  • We ask for feedback from every patient we serve so that we can continually improve our service. We emphasize both clinical excellence and compassion in the care we provide.

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Radiation Safety and Quality Assurance

At Cayuga Medical Center we understand that good hospital care is carefully planned; it’s no accident.

  • At all three Imaging Services campuses our radiologists and radiologic technologists are trained in physics. We operate using the ALARA (as-low-as-reasonably- achievable) principle, using the lowest dose of radiation possible without compromising the diagnostic quality of the image.
  • A manager from the Department of Imaging Services serves on both the medical center’s Safety Task Force and the Performance Improvement Committee. This person’s role in Imaging Services is to identify areas that need improvement, seek out people who can help with solutions, implement new strategies, and follow up to ensure their effectiveness. When patients undergo imaging studies here, we are confident that each person has had the correct exam performed safely.
  • Parents concerned about children and x-rays should know that our technicians do limited studies on children to reduce exposure, typically taking fewer views, as compared to adult patients. More views can be obtained only as clinically indicated. We also maintain different CT protocols for babies and children than are used for adults, based on our commitment to the ALARA principle.
  • All CT protocols are developed using the least amount of radiation.
  • Cayuga Medical Center employs a physicist group to work closely with our radiologists. These physicists routinely monitor our equipment and mammography units throughout the year to assure safe, proper functioning. Whenever we install new imaging equipment, they perform acceptance testing after the equipment is set up, before routine patient use.
  • The Radiation Safety Committee meets four times a year, to review safety measures, adherence to policies, and licensure to ensure quality assurance.

Experienced, Credentialed Professionals


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