Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

Advances in medical treatment and patient care are made through research that includes clinical trials and studies conducted in health-care settings. The  medical therapy we provide to our hospital patients today is based on research that was conducted in the past, just as tomorrow’s standards of care are being developed through research going on right now.

At Cayuga Medical Center patient safety is our top priority. At the same time, we want to be able to offer our patients the most current treatment options. With that goal in mind, we participate in national studies and professional research.

Research at Cayuga Medical Center

It is the responsibility of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure the safety of patients who are asked to voluntarily participate in clinical trials, studies, and new protocols conducted at Cayuga Medical Center.

Our goals are to ensure:

  • The study poses minimal risk to the patient and any risk is outweighed by benefits to the patient and to the advancement of clinical care.
  • Patient confidentiality will be maintained
  • The patient gives informed consent. This means that the patient understands the important facts about the study and can decide whether or not to participate based on those facts. It also means that newly discovered benefits, risks, or side effects discovered during the study will be shared with the patient.

What’s the process?

When a physician, professional staff member, or other researcher requests permission to conduct research at Cayuga Medical Center, the IRB carefully reviews the study guidelines, protocols, eligibility criteria, investigator qualifications and possible conflicts of interest.

When studies are conducted in collaboration with our affiliated medical centers and universities, they go through a similar process of approval with that institution’s IRB, in addition to our own review.

Who is on the IRB?

The members of the IRB at Cayuga Medical Center include:

  • Members of the Cayuga Medical Center Board of Directors and   Senior Leadership Team
  • Our vice president for Medical Affairs
  • Physician members of our medical staff
  • Community professionals (pharmacist, lawyer, pastor)
  • Representatives from community social service agencies and the general public

What types of studies is Cayuga Medical Center participating in?

We participate in a range of studies. Some are national studies, some involve community research, and others are individual research projects. A sampling of recent studies includes breast cancer radiation treatment; prostate cancer treatment; physical therapy for treatment of neck and arm pain; cardiac pacemakers; and infant neurodevelopment.

Click here for a list of the studies currently open at Cayuga Medical Center.

If you have questions about the IRB or about a study being conducted at Cayuga Medical Center in which you may participate, you may call Tracey Bremer, IRB at Cayuga Medical Center, 607-274-4066.

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