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Diabetes Education Program

Diabetes Education Program

Instruction in monitoring and treatment for patients with diabetes and their families.

Diabetes Education

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you join millions of Americans who lead productive lives by monitoring and treating their diabetes every day. Fortunately, products for monitoring and treating diabetes are effective and readily available, allowing people to take control of their own care. Cayuga Medical Center and the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living offer an affordable, comprehensive diabetes education program where you and your family can learn to take an active role in controlling your diabetes, and lead a normal, active life.

About The Diabetes Education Classes

Each series of classes is presented as three two-hour sessions, typically on three consecutive days. Classes meet at Cayuga Center for Healthy Living, which is located at the Island Health Center on the Cayuga Lake Inlet. Class size is limited, in order to personalize materials and instruction. Instructors include: Cindy Parlett, RN; registered dietitian Deb Siegert, MSEd, RD, CDE; and pharmacist Ann Marie Esposito, RPh.

Before the classes begin, each class member is asked to attend a pre-assessment interview. This enables us to tailor the program information for each participant.

Day One- . . . includes a discussion of diabetes basics - what diabetes is; finger stick monitoring; and the important role of exercise in diabetes treatment.

Day Two- . . . our pharmacist discusses oral diabetes medicines and insulin; proper storage of medicines; injecting insulin; safely using alcoholic beverages; personal health habits that prevent acute and chronic problems e.g. handling stress, foot care, and the importance of seeing a dentist and eye doctor regularly.

Day Three- . . . concentrates on eating habits and realistic ways to develop menus that will allow participants to plan to have their favorite treats on occasion and still maintain their health. Eating out, cholesterol control, and weight management are also discussed.

Diabetes Education Program Instructors

Cindy Parlett, RN, BSN, CDE, CETN

Cindy is a registered nurse and diabetes educator and coordinates the Diabetes Education Program at Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca. Her classes cover basic information about diabetes, including control and monitoring of blood glucose levels, the role of diet and exercise, and personal health and care.

Deb Siegert, MSEd, RD, CDE

Deb is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. In her classes she teaches proper diet and realistic menu planning, carbohydrate counting, setting goals and reading food labels. Preparation for dining out is discussed.

Ann Marie Esposito, RPh

Ann Marie is a pharmacist who is trained in diabetes management. In her class she explains how oral diabetes medicines and insulin are used to control blood sugar, how to prevent medication side effects and drug interactions, and precautions for travel and safe use of alcoholic beverages.

To register please call Jamie Balas at Cayuga Center for Healthy Living at 252-3590.

Class Location

Cayuga Center for Healthy Living


Most types of insurance will cover the cost for the classes.


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