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Collaboration Improves Patient Care for Orthopedic Injuries

By Brett Young, MD


Area physicians who specialize in the care of patients with musculoskeletal injuries are collaborating in a program to streamline patient care. The Cayuga Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (CCOSM) brings together orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, rehabilitation medicine physicians, physical therapists, and exercise physiologists in a unified network of services. Patients can seek care at the Center confident in the knowledge that their problems will be appropriately handled.


What if my injury is not sports related?


The idea behind the Center is one-stop-shopping for all types of musculoskeletal needs, from simple ankle sprains to geriatric hip fractures. Whether you’re a child running on the playground, a competitive athlete, or a grandmother playing with your grandchildren, movement is essential to your sense of wellbeing. The team of experts at CCOSM is organized to provide care for everyone who needs help recovering from injuries or chronic pain related to the musculoskeletal system.


How do patients gain access to the care team at CCOSM?


Patients are referred to CCOSM by their primary care physicians and by physicians from the Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Department. You can also self-refer to CCOSM directly by calling (607) 252-3510. That number is answered by our orthopedic patient navigator, who will set you up with an appointment to see the appropriate CCOSM specialist, depending on your injury.


One of our goals at CCOSM is to simplify the patient experience. The doctors and other professionals within CCOSM use a shared patient database. This means that as a CCOSM patient, if you are referred to an orthopedist by a sports medicine physician, and then go on to have physical therapy, you don’t have to duplicate your registration and medical history for each new care provider you see.


 How do the different doctors and therapists work together?


We interface in several ways. For example, let’s say you have muscle pain associated with overuse injuries. You may be referred initially to one of our sports medicine specialists, who are excellent at identifying and evaluating movement techniques. They can help you improve your technique and refer you to physical therapy for additional help reducing inflammation and strengthening affected muscles. If your problem continues, you may be referred to an orthopedic surgeon for consultation, to see if surgery is necessary. Alternatively, some patients come to an orthopedic surgeon initially for their injuries. Some may need immediate surgery, while others are referred to physical therapy when surgery is not the best solution to their problem.


At CCOSM, we are focused on the quality of outcomes for each patient in our care. Each care provider has the ability to look at patient outcomes. This type of critical analysis helps us learn from each other while maintaining a high quality of standard of care for our patients.


What if my injury requires surgery but I can’t take time out right now?


The doctors and therapists at CCOSM understand that patients’ circumstances and goals are uniquely their own, which is why we offer different treatment options whenever we can do so safely and without long-term consequences. Through our sports medicine training we have learned how to keep people active and safe, and perform elective surgery at a more opportune time. We apply the lessons we’ve learned in taking care of athletes to the general public. So if a contractor injures himself right before a big job or an avid gardener develops overuse injures in the spring, we can often explore ways to manage their injuries safely, get them through their busy seasons, and schedule surgery when their commitments allow.


Dr. Brett Young is an orthopedic surgeon with a background in sports medicine and fellowship training in shoulder and upper extremities. He is a member of the care team at CCOSM and is in practice with Orthopedic Services of Cayuga Medical Associates where he can be reached at 272-7000.

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