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Thank you for choosing Cayuga Medical Center for your medical care.  We welcome you as a patient, resident, friend, family member, guest.  Throughout your time with us, you will discover the exceptional skills of our providers, nurses and staff as well as their warmth, caring and compassion.

At every level, we strive to treat you as if you were a member of our own family with the safe, compassionate care you expect.

If you wish to contact us via e-mail, or need to reach someone with a specific question, please use the list below.

If you have questions about your bill or need information on your account, email

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca

101 Dates Drive
VISITING HOURS: 7 am to 9 pm

Patient Information: 607-277-1600
General Information: 607-274-4011
Admissions: 607-274-4353
Billing: 607-274-4400
Chaplain/Spiritual Care: 607-274-4113
Central Scheduling: 607-274-4227
Health Information Management (Medical Records): 607-274-4313

Convenient Care at Cortland

1129 Commons Ave., Cortland, NY 13045

Imaging Services: 607-758-7770
Laboratory Services at Cortland: 607-218-6201
Urgent Care: 607-756-7200

Convenient Care at Ithaca

10 Arrowwood Dr., Ithaca, NY 14850

Imaging Services: 607-274-4155
Surgicare: 607-274-4248
Urgent Care: 607-274-4150

Cayuga Wellness Center

310 Taughannock Blvd., Ithaca, NY 14850

Cayuga Center for Healthy Living: 607-252-3590
Physical Therapy: 607-252-3500
Sports Medicine: 607-252-3580

Laboratory Sites

CMC Laboratory Services at Cortland: 607-218-6201
1020 Craft Road: 607-252-3725
905 Hanshaw Road: 607-252-3790
101 Dates Drive: 607-274-4474
5 Evergreen St, Dryden: 607-844-3830

Physical Therapy

Cayuga Wellness Center: 607-252-3500
Brentwood: 607-274-4159

Emergency Department


Rehabilitation Services


Sports Medicine

Cayuga Wellness Center: 607-252-3580
Cortland Convenient Care Center: 607-756-7200

Patient and Guest Relations


Human Resources


Public Relations


Physician Finder




Volunteer Office


We would like to hear from you. Any comments, questions or requests will go to our Director of Community Relations or call (607) 274-4624

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